Quick News: Drake, Dem Haters
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  • Drake was asked about Rihanna in his latest Rolling Stone interview:

“She’s the ultimate fantasy. I mean, I think about it. Like, ‘Man, that would be good.’ We have fun together, she’s cool and sh*t. But we’re just friends. That’s my dog for life.”

  • Check out a new version of Rihanna’s 2006 song “Dem Haters” featuring Ne-Yo.



  • Faithz

    That song about Them Hater is the business,because there is no reason for all the
    meanest,but people seem so bitter because she works so hard.

  • Faithz

    She is such a hard worker,what would they do if she did not
    work as hard,what.

  • Faithz

    There’s a group of e-bullies who roams high and low looking for Rihanna
    name,picture are any article posted on her to try their hand at bashing her.Shes bashed no matter if she does great, or hit a bump in the road.I say keep working hard Rihanna and let them stay heated, and roasted over your career success.

  • Love?

    I love Dem Haters! Everything she does is perfection! Can’t wait for that awesome 8!

  • kloekat26

    that is not ne yo on that rack it is a Barbadian singer Dwayne husbands……………one of my fave songs on her second album


    Of all the men Riri has been linked with I think Drake and Rih could have a very happy life together if they would take their friendship to the next level. Drake loves Riri just listen to his songs. He sure is better for her then her ex.


      How you been? The Next Level can wait. She’s still young.

      • ALISON

        Ok thanks. I hope Ny warms up soon. Boo I meant for Riri and Drake to start dating again nothing more.

        • SOSMANDOWN

          A woman should never date someone that is prettier then her. He just looks like the type of guy that take longer to get ready.

          • ALISON

            The guy doesn’t have a history of violence towards her so he gets my thumbs up. I don’t think he will play around on her either so 2 things going his way.

            • SOSMANDOWN

              Lol, his way? She still hasn’t met me yet! I’m a charmer! Well, that’s what the ladies tell me! Take Care Boo!

              • Deuces

                Every guy is prettier than her. So I guess she will never get married . Lmao! Don’t worry Drake will continue to her friend with benefits. He just pick her up and drop her when he feel like it. She belong to the game.

  • waverunner4u

    Rihanna and i went to the Forum in LA last night. Great concert.