Out and about in New York City [PICTURES]


RiRi is in her favorite city! She and her friends were seen grabbing dinner at Phillipe Show Restaurant before heading out to party at Greenhouse last night (April 23) in New York City.

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6 Responses

  1. Helmi Airan says:

    Haters pls hold yo tongues!! Rihanna’s the ‘real’ QUEEN!!


  2. Faithz says:

    I’ve been to h*ll and back. I spill stuff, tripped, and embarrass myself. I can’t
    just flutter my eyes and get that boy. . I’ve been through
    more stuff than you see on TV. Nobody’s perfect. I’ve been lied to, cheated on,
    and had my heart stolen and broken . I’ve messed up, ,.
    But everything was worth it because I felt it. I knew it was real. Life is real
    and I’m living it wrong everyday while still learning life lessons. I’m messing up royally and doing everything
    opposite but do I regret one thing? Never. Because at one point, what I did
    was what I wanted and I got my satisfaction. My life is mine and nobody
    can mess it up for me anymore. I’m the real deal
    and I’d love to see you try and stop me from working hard, loving all the people all of the time and giving a good days work for a fair days pay, less try and keep lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down so hard and heavy..People, Fans, Foes, Families and Friends around the Globe.


  3. Faithz says:

    Learn how to “Visualize” the things you want in life, see it, feel it believe in it
    make a mental blue print and begin the journey like many has done before you
    its not all about trying to be good, better or best its all about trying to climb that same mountain and achieving all that your mind has said you can achieve if you want it bad enough.


  4. Faithz says:

    In a family that is large there is no two people alike , everybody is different Because God Himself made us all so Uniquely different and He did that for His own reasons, God gave us the Hunts, Rock fellas, Bloombergs Jayz, Diddy, Madonna, Celine,Jacksons,, the Richest among us and the Poorest and He did that for a reason . So saying one person isn’t as big are as great as another is Hog Wash because we are SUPPOSED to be blessed at different stages and levels in life. While i am not Rich & Famous i am still blessed beyond all measures. I love seeing Rihanna who is a Young girl from the Caribbeans who came to America and has excelled and she has done well because of her hard work ethics and Determination to be the best She can be and i will preach to the choir from now on because i love her get up and make thing happen attitude toward her career and her life and most of all She shows that She love people every day of her life by her inter action toward and with her Fans & people all around the globe in general and its so appreciated Rihanna…..Keep up the great work Rih, Rih…..


  5. Hello good morning Queen. You look so good.


  6. SOSMANDOWN says:

    Welcome back to your second home!