Backstage: Diamonds World Tour in Atlanta


Before hitting the stage in Atlanta, RiRi posed for photos backstage with her friends. Click the thumbnails below to see a few pictures:

2 Responses

  1. Faithz says:

    Rihanna keep the great work up you have a great team and
    your circle of influence is tight, and know that it is hard for anybody to
    beat a person who never give up.


  2. dell says:

    faithz u sucks ppl like u make her act so scandalous she’s grown yes but if u Care so much like u say u do oh I’m a navy I’m a navy then I would think u will have a little bit more class n tell her to keep her clothes on its tired alreay everybody done n o what she look like n as a matter of fact there’s way more pretty girl out here who isnt famous n looks way better than her my mother always told me a woman should be seen n leave to the imagination our body is the temple of god .I’m not Christian but everyone knows those things all I’m saying us be real to the chick obviously she doesn’t no better n poor Monica fenty the money n fame have her twisted too she wouldn’t interfere what a shame