Videos: Diamonds World Tour in Buffalo (Updated)

RiRi kicked off her Diamonds World Tour in Buffalo, New York, last night (March 8). The first good quality videos are already available. Watch above: Intro/Mother Mary, Phresh Out The Runway, Birthday Cake, Talk That Talk.

UPDATE: Watch videos from the whole show after the jump!

Pour It Up, Cockiness


Jump, Umbrella

All Of The Lights

Rockstar 101

What Now

Man Down

No Love Allowed

Rude Boy, What’s My Name

Loveeeeeee Song

Take A Bow

Cold Case Love, Hate That I Love You

We Found Love, S&M, Only Girl, Don’t Stop The Music, Where Have You Been

Stay, Diamonds

33 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    AWESOME!! wanna go there!

  2. rildo says:

    *______________________* love her!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. ALISON says:

    Great job singing Stay. Guys Riri has the flu and it takes awhile to get better. She did a long setlist and did a great job.

  4. Dasani504 says:

    OMG! Rihanna still sounded amazing even with the flu!

  5. Narek Loryan says:

    OMG she cant sing … this het d awful tour

    • Naomi says:

      why are you on her fansite to hate pls?

      • Narek Loryan says:

        Naomi i dont hate Rihanna i hate this tour day bcs stage is awful she dont sing shes only dance … I love her with my all hurt shes special for me

        • MannyLovesRiRi says:

          A Navy doesn’t say shit like that, you can say that her vocals wasn’t her best but you can’t say she can’t sing. If you’re any better then I’d like to see you perform at a sold out tour

          • Marikel says:

            Any fan can admit when her vocals aren’t at her best. Go somewhere else and stop hating on others opinions.

            • MannyLovesRiRi says:

              I never said that no fan can admit that but this person said “she can’t sing”. The haters that comment on Rihanna’s videos say that, a Navy would say “her vocals wasnt her best” like you said.. I never said it was perfect did I? But she did manage to put on a good show that kept her fans awake. + you’re so true. If this was her being sick then imagine her when she’s well.

              • Mikki L. says:

                Who the fuck made you Navy police? Chill! I love her but her vocals could be better. She’s gorgeous, hard-working, successful, great sense of humor, stays humble, takes no shit, but her vocals could be better. So what? I don’t love her any less but I have a right to my opinion. Jeez!

            • greg d says:

              Yes her choreo>>>>>>>> and yu guys should go check out the buffalo reviews after her show, it ended see with 3 simple words.. rihanna is queen.

          • Narek Loryan says:

            MannyLovesRiRi I love her and im NAVYtoo, but I didnt know that she was sick .. And she always smoke marijuana.. whatever i love her

            • greg d says:

              Yur NOT navy. Yu steady judging her . How is that supportive? Yu fall in the bracket with “everyone” else she dedicated this album too..

        • greg d says:

          Yea but if yur trur navy yu dont put her down. She was sick opening night. Please give her a break on EVERYTHING guys please!!

  6. Luis says:

    I’m actually disappointed… :/ Not about the vocals or anything, cause i know that was the first show and everything.

    It’s the setlist and production value that seem to me like a downgrade from the loud tour. She did dance a lot. But after seeing the Disturbia catwalk + circular screens/ Shut Up and Drive/Man Down smashed car/ The stripper poles in S&M and the lights/coreography trough Skin/ The tank in Raining Men/ >>> HARD <<<< Enough said. -.-/ The drum solo for Glamorous Life/ The dancers in Rude boy/What's my name/Don't Stop The Music.

    I think i might pass on this one. (I LOVED Jump BTW)

    • Marikel says:

      This is exactly how I felt at first. This concert is a grower though and I’ve come to like it a lot. Too bad she had to postpone tonights concert in Boston.

      • Luis says:

        Let’s hope so! :) I loved the Loud Tour i would like very much to watch her again in Lisbon. we’ll see

    • greg d says:

      Not only is this tour a different vibe I think she was focusing more on choreo this tour which is good

  7. Faithz says:

    Happiness lies ahead for those who cry; those who hurt, those who
    have searched, and those who tried, for only they can appreciate the importance
    of people who have touched their lives.

  8. Faithz says:

    Many who will always say she can’t dah, dah, dah She still have those of us who love and
    embraces what She brings to the stage and if Rih isn’t your cup of tea then perhaps you need to stop clicking on Her post and go in search of that person or persons who suits you better.

    • greg d says:

      Yea like if yu want “fake Ness” and “perfection” go find the bey hive, we love n ride hard for our ICON rih! So no negativity

  9. Eimear O'Connor says:

    Huge rihanna fan, but the production seems pretty bad…. The set seems really sparse and empty, its should have been smaller and one flat level like the Loud Tour. And it feels she should have let the new album sink in, the tour feels too soon and a bit rushed. Isnt doing all the great songs justice.

  10. naviishit says:

    narek she can sing, she was sick and that’s the reason. what r u talking abt hater, just leave. a real navy who loves her says she cant sing so goodbye

  11. MannyLovesRiRi says:

    Some of you Navy’s are fake as phuck. Rihanna was sick and still went ahead with the tour so she has to cut out some things she planned. Give the girl a freaking break. If any of you are better then I’d like to see you try and perform at a sold out tour.

  12. MannyLovesRiRi says:

    Congrats Robz on a successful start to your tour

  13. naviishit says:

    @bcb4d5e0c542d3fcb902dd464f5f8169:disqus listen to him!!!!! @google-49755ad6e450cf8c2f226b1deca19f9b:disqus u have a problem ya fake azz navy just leave

  14. naviishit says:

    u can hear her sick voice and she’s still SO AMAZING I MEAN STAY *___*

  15. greg d says:

    Yo rih KILLED Cockiness, piu,n numb!!

  16. greg d says:

    And I just have a slight want. Wheres love without tragedy, get it over with, and I right now. What about fire bomb & half of me??