Quick News: Rolling Stone, River Island, ELLE


  • Rihanna is one of “The New Immortals” according to Rolling Stone:

“Going by numbers alone, Rihanna is already written into the history books in bold ink. Her digital sales add up to 100 million – more than anyone, anywhere, ever. Her catalog of hits includes a dozen Number One smashes, from 2006’s “SOS” to 2012’s “Diamonds” – the same number as Madonna and the Supremes, and more than anyone else except the Beatles, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. But Rihanna’s appeal transcends statistics. She’s a star in the truest sense: a wild, larger-than-life personality you just can’t look away from. Tabloid wildfires may rage all around her, but she shines bright through it all.”

  • If the Rihanna For River Island piece you’re looking for is sold out online, don’t forget to try your local River Island store! If you live in the United States, the collection is available at Opening Ceremony.
  • Adam Selman confirmed once again that Rihanna is working on another River Island collection, click here to watch the interview.
  • RiRi took hew new hair inspiration from an ELLE Magazine assistant. Here’s the story:

 My job that day: Travel to Paris, assist Anne-Marie Curtis on our Rihanna cover shoot for the April Issue. A hard job but somebody had to hang out with the lady herself and help her in and out of outfits all day. I have since become a fan. When I’d ask Rihanna to put one of her own River Island designs on she’d respond with things like, “you are so (effing) cute”. ‘Cute?’ I remember thinking; my hair a mess, my jumper full of clips and safety pins  – the uniform of a fashion assistant – and way too tired to feel even slightly cute. But hey, rihanna doesn’t tell you that everyday right? At some point she asked if her hairdresser could take a few pictures of my hair as she really liked it…”I am gonna copy your hair, haha” she said.  And I laughed too. My surprise in the new year? A degrade effect long haired Rihanna showing up in every picture or paper I pick up, and the only thing I can think about is how proud is my hairdresser gonna be back in Madrid.


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  1. Faithz says:

    When i think about it there’s nothing better then the feeling one can get from
    Rih smiling back at them from a Magazine Shoot or just out and about. She have got
    that look that says I am on a Journey come and travel the world with Me. So much fun
    seeing a Confident Young Female looking at you with that Look that says … i am going to take it to the Outer Limits, Keep up the good work , Rih it looks great on you!


  2. Faithz says:

    This is wonderful news!


  3. Faithz says:

    Navy Less Rumble…


  4. ELLE and so grown up. don’t let stress get you now. our seson is starting like your tour. elle again maybe!!