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Rihanna Daily visitors meet Rihanna



Rihanna was interviewed by Justin Lee Collins last night for his new TV show, called Justin Lee Collins: Good Times, that will air on Channel Five. Rihanna Daily was asked to pick 6 fans to ask RiRi questions, and they did! Click read more to read the fans stories.

We also asked Lauren, one of the fans, to give RiRi a special gift: a cute teddy bear. Unfortunately, Lauren wasn’t able to give the gift during the show, due to security reasons, but the TV show people promised to give it to Rihanna’s people. Hopefully she got and liked it!

Above you can see 5 of the fans and the teddy bear!

The show will air on May 17.

Thank you, Channel 5 (specially Fleur)!


Heyyyy guys!

Once again thanks SOOOOOO much for letting me go to london, I had a fantastic time!

We were sooooooo close to Rihanna! Unfortunately they told us very last minute we couldn’t ask the questions! The woman kept emphasising that we must NOT mention Chris Brown to Rihanna, and I’m thinking maybe when the Super Fan idea was put forward to Rihanna’s people they disliked the idea incase we asked something different from our questions, so Justin read them out and Rihanna answered them.

She was smiley and waved and repeated my name and it was just amazing to be so close to her in person, I only wish that in replace for asking questions we could have met her backstage as meeting her was originally emphasized in the questionaire’s and phonecalls! But it was still a great night!

The show wasn’t as funny as Alan Carr (I’m mentioning him ebcause both ALan and Justin used to have a show together) Justin wasn’t as funny and Rihanna had to do her entrance 2 or 3 times for some reason because it wasn’t right and she was getting a bit irritated! Justin also didn’t know what the album was called, thought the new single was called ‘R Rated’ and started reading off G4l lyrics thinking it was from the song FireBomb, so  think Rih was a bit pissed! Which I don’t blame her for because she’s here to do promo and he was messing it up and making it really awkward. But the whole show was a great experience and I just couldn’t believe we got to see her so close and make eye contact etc!

When i got there with the bear, they took it off me and told me they would have to give it to Rihanna’s people, so hopefully she atleast got it!!!!! We also weren’t allowed cameras or phones, so we couldn’t get any pictures being so close to the front, we did manage to get 1 pic of some of us together though which i will show u when i get it up =)

Thanks Again RD, ur the best, keep up all the hard work and I hope more opportunities come up like this for us fans in the future!!!!!!!!!

love Lauren xxx


heyyyy :)
so, to be honest with you, the person who was has been in contact with us all week from channel 5, made today out to be something completly different to what it actually was. But i’m not complaining because we still got to see Rihanna, and that was more than enough, and we’re all so greatful for being able to see her again. We were actually told that we’d be at a table with Rihanna, and personally get to ask her our chosen questions, and to bring a memorable item (ie photo, tour program) with us to speak about, if we were asked to do so by Justin Lee Collins (JLC), and got told that we’d get the chance to meet her. But it didn’t quite happen like that. haha. The five of us were placed front row, around a small tabel right in front of the center stage where Rihanna was sat on a sofa with Justin opposite her in an arm chair, he first spoke to her about her hair style, comparing to Lady Gaga, and then about her hair styles, followed by her birthday party and the lapdance she got from Bridget the Midget. She then went on to speaking about the sucess of umbrella, and JLC jokingly exagerated it’s 11 week top spot position in the UKTOP40 to being #1 for a year. :P Rihanna then spoke about Barbados, getting signed and moving to the US breifly. Then it was the fan question time, and there was only time for 4 questions, which JLC read out himself from a card, then Rihanna answered. The questions were,
Whats you strangest fan encounter? – She answered by with in London, two fans asked her to sign their arm & back, which they then got tattooed over.
Is there a reason behind all the felions used in your new music? (ie the Lion in Rudeboy) – and she said it was ‘Sassy and feminine’ -(and something else which i can’t remember)
If she had future plans to work with Shontelle? – No plans, but she’d like to.
There was one other question, but i can’t seem to remember what that was either, i’m sure it’ll come to me, otherwise ask Lauren or Bizu. :)
Also JLC asked about the Lyrics to rudeboy, and what was meant by ‘Is you big enough?’ .
He also then read out the lyrics to G4L thinking it was Firebomb, and she made him re-sing it like 4 times till it met her perfection. :P
but overall she seemed really happy to be there. As for the Teddy bear, it wasn’t allowed to be given to her in person for security reasons incase something was hidden inside it or whatever, but it was taken out back then presumibly given to her. Just as she walked off stage Bizu also gave her the UK Fans collage. So she managed to get both gifts. :)


Thankyou so much for last nights oppurtunity.
I had so much fun!
It was a fantastic night apart from the fact that we didnt get to ask the questions! Justin lee collins asked them instead.

Rihanna looked stunning as always. and being so close was amazing, but the producers let us down an awful lot, they promised us a tour around the building and we didnt get that, we didnt even get a drink all night! And they managed to keep our guests outside most of the time! and even forgot about them! We couldnt get any pictures because we weren’t allowed, there wasnt even any sneaky photo opportunities. They also told me to take some memorabilia but even that ended up in the cloakroom! I even had to take off my Rihanna necklace cause of the mic that we bearly used.

But seeing Rihanna was amazing, and i am so thankful! so thankyouuuuuu so much!

Hope i have another opportunity like this again!

Thanks for helping me fufill my dream :)

Freda (:


Hey Rod

I just wanted to thank you for making yesterday happen. Ri looked gorgeous and she is so sweet! From what i remember she talked about, hair styles, fashion, her bday, moving to NY, rude boy, etc. Although, in the end we didn’t get to actually ask her (the presenter did and she said hi and smiled at us) it was still amazing! When she was coming off the stage I gave her a birthday card The RD bear was so cute! I wasn’t able to sneak a pic of her as we were in the front and the cameras where on us. Managed to take a pic of us fans though.


You’re welcome, girls! And congrats again! :)

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Fan releases 75 minute long documentary about Rihanna’s career




Rihanna documentary

Navy, this is worth watching!

‘ROBYN’ is a film created by Jimir Reece Davis (Amorphous), documenting the origin, success and influence of Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Created as a loving tribute to Rihanna turning 30, ‘ROBYN’ is a beautiful hour and fifteen minute long retrospect at Rihanna’s career.

Related news: Coming soon: Peter Berg directing Rihanna documentary

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Rihanna Navy

Hello Rihanna Navy! We’re back!




Rihanna Daily is finally back!

Sorry it took us so long, but we hope it was worth it. Take a look around our website: we’ve updated all sections and added a lot of new content.

The website is all mobile friendly. You may also download an app called “Fenty 24” in App Store/Google Play store to view our news directly on your mobile.

And don’t forget to visit us daily as we got a lot of more to share!

Please leave us a comment and let us know what do you think about our refreshed look. 😉

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ANTI World Tour

ANTI World Tour in Detroit – Fans M&G




Rihanna might not be selling M&G tickets on ANTI World Tour but she surely is taking her time to meet with her biggest fans! Some of Rihanna Navy members got backstage after her show in Detroit the other day. And luckily for us they shared lots of videos! Thanks Torrence!

Rihanna singing ANTI album

Thanks @badgalriri for signing my ANTI album.

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Detroit Navy showing love

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